Choose deployed files and folders locations

Hi, I’m evaluating Octopus Deploy and so and am trying to learn it. I have got my project to be successfully bundled into a Nuget package and deployed to Octopus. From there I was able to get Octopus to create a Web Application in IIS on a DEV server and deploy the application. The problem is the files are all in the wrong directories (lib, content, etc) and my application will not work. How can I get my application to be in the desired structure. Is there a way to choose the folder and file structure on the web server? Please help.

Hi Lance,

Thanks for getting in touch! First of all, that’s great to hear you’re evaluating Octopus, and we hope you’ve found it useful so far!

When Octopus deploys and extracts your package, it will preserve the directory structure exactly as it is when it’s packaged. Our general recommendation is to structure the directories of your project as you need them prior to packaging and deploying it.

Alternatively, you can configure a custom script step in your deployment process (after the package step) to move the directories around as required.

If you’re instead looking to move the full extracted package contents to a custom directory, you can use the custom installation directory feature to copy the extracted contents to the desired location.

I hope this helps! Don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s anything else we can assist with. :slight_smile:

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