Checksum diff on variable changes

Seeing as we have lots of variable sets it would be nice to know on each deployment if any variables have been changed, added or deleted since the last deployment.

Hi John,

Thanks for getting in touch! That is an interesting idea. Currently we do not have anything on the roadmap that would cover this. UserVoice is the way to go. It does seem like a suggestion that would get strong community support :slight_smile:
There is already what seems to be the same suggestion with a few votes, but it could use some <3

We do hold the snapshots of each release so it would be possible to script something to do a comparison between two releases if the need is there. I am sure we could help with a pointer or two in the right direction. This would require a new release however and not just what is different beween the source and the snapshot.


Thanks Vanessa :slight_smile: