Check if deployment is happening in same instance

Hi ,

I have multiple projects setup for a same deployment target site. Let me give you more detail.

We maintain two types of project for each site in our server. One is the custom project containing dev code which Vendors manage and another is the platform project which contains platform level files like connection string , search index config etc.

I want to restrict the custom project deployment when platform project deployment is going on and vice versa. Please let me know how i can achieve


Thanks for reaching out. You could add a script step at the top of each project that would use our API to check if its brother project is running a deployment, and stay still until that deployment finishes.

Let me know if that makes sense to you.


Hi Dalmiro,

Thanks for your help. Could you please share the link of that API.


The Octoposh Powershell module has a cmdlet called Get-OctopusDashboard which should be able to help you with this.

If the below command returns any results, that means a deployment is running for that project. If it returns nothing, then no deployments are running.

Get-OctopusDashboard -ProjectName BrotherProjectName -DeploymentStatus executing

Let me know if that helps,