Channels, moving a release


We currently are using 2 channels.

Development and Master (based on the branches from we deploy to different environments).

What I am looking for is a channel for our major releases called Release.

From this channel only production classed deployments can be made.

I could manually recreate the release (with the same packages) but it seems a bit risky.

I know a release can only be connected with one channel. Is there any way to properly “promote” a release to another channel once it is approved?

There will be a lot of versions on the Master channel that should not be deployed to the release channel, and we would like to avoid another branch (or tag) and rebuilding it from that branch/tag and automatically create a release for that channel (Release).

What would be the best approach to this? If a branch is required to properly have it in another channel, the “build once” sort of breaks.

Can release version exists with the same name but having different channels? Then copy a release to another channel could be an option as long as it is traceable.

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