Channel → Version rules → Design Rule doesn't work for custom step templates based on NuGet step!

OK this is quick and simple:

When trying to edit the Version rules of either the Default channel or a new channel in an existing project, the Design Rule link DOES NOT WORK.

This is the error I am getting from the browser:

More details:

My project process consists of several NuGet packages, each of which is based on a custom step template based on the built-in Deploy a NuGet package step.

I really need to do this because, as you can see, I have a lot of packages to deploy and for each of them I need to ensure consistent treatment (run Pre- and Post- deployment scripts and carry out special Web config transforms.)

When I remove all steps from the Packages step(s) list in the Version rules edit section, and click on the Design Rule link, only then the Design Version Rule windows pops up.


Hi Fernando,

I’m sorry you’re experiencing this issue. And thank-you for the detailed description.

I suspect the issue is due to fact your package steps use a variable for the package name. It certainly looks like a bug.

I have raised an issue, and we’ll get this resolved as soon as possible.


Hi Fernando,

We were unable to reproduce this. What browser were you using, and what version of Octopus Deploy?