Channel should only use specific users


we are making a Project which creates an user on our servers. We have made 2 channels (Administrator and Standard). But now we have the problem that every Octopus user can go through the admin-channel.

Is it possible to restrict a channel to a given team / user role?

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Hi Alex,

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Unfortunately, this is outside the scope of the intended use of channels so this isn’t possible at present. There is a user voice suggestion for this that you can contribute to though.

I’m wondering if you could achieve what you need through the use of Tenants though. A team can be scoped to specific tenants, so you could try creating Administrator and Standard tenants and scope the deployment process differences to the tenant rather than channel.

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Thanks Paul,

we voted for the suggestion, but now we are trying to slove our problem with Tenants. :slight_smile:

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