Channel Sharing

How can i share channel between multiple projects. i’m using multi-tenants deployment.

Currently channels are by-definition project level concepts and cannot be shared. They are typically used to help define things like package rules which are typically project specific. What is the scenario you are trying to support that needs multiple projects using the same channel? Is it unreasonable to duplicate the channel information across the projects?

Thanks Robert for reply,

let me share my scenario, I’ve Project X & Project Y and regions like R1 & R2. i would like to deploy these two projects in both regions but there variables values will be different for both Projects. but these two projects also have some common variables.

so i was thinking to use Channel to configure variable values and this way i can avoid duplicate variables.

Would using Library Variable Sets work in this case? If each region is an environment you can scope the variables to their respective environment then use the same variable set across projects.

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