Channel information got missing when migration Octopus 3.2.7 to HA Octopus

hi Octopus team,

Lately our team did migration from single-node Octopus 3.2.7 to HA Octopus which uses 3.2.7 too. We found that for some deployment projects, some channels or even all channels got missing. The missing channels caused releases created against those channels lost their history.

Did you ever notice this problem ? If so, did this problem get fixed in the later release?

Hi Edward,

Thanks for getting in touch! When adding a node to an existing Octopus instance, all it does is connect to the same database. They have the exact same dataset. There should be no loss of data or potential issue here.
Can you explain to me how you went from a single-node Octopus to your HA Octopus?