Channel excluding pinned-tag

What I want to do:
“…disable/prevent deployments to a tenant during a period of time where the customer wants guarantees of stability.”
Ref. Pinning Tenants to a Release

What I did:
Followed step 1, 2, and 3 of this guide, and defined a “Pinned”-tag.
I did NOT define an “Early adapter”-tag and applied it to all tenants, because I consider that as noise.
Comment: Step 3 says “removing any other tags”. I assumes you mean removing the “Pinned”-tag after the end of the locked period will not suffice. You will have to re-add the tags you did remove, when you added the “Pinned”-tag.

What I am missing: / How can I do this?
Scoping of tenant tags to a time period in “Manage Tenant Tags”. (Like if the customer/tenant ask for no releases in June then I want to register that period now, and not have to worry about adding/removing tags at the start/end of June).
In [Channels, “Choose which tenants the releases in this channel apply to.”] I want to exclude tenants with the “Pinned”-tag.

Hi @camhe,

Thanks for getting in touch! For your first question, I believe this means removing the pre-existing value for the “Upgrade Ring” tag. With the assumption being your Tenant would have an upgrade ring defined. You would need to remove the current upgrade ring tag and apply the Pinned tag.

For your second question, I do not believe we have an automated way to schedule this behaviour. Currently, managing your deployments via Tenant Tags is a manual task.

Does this answer your questions?

If you have any further questions or thoughts on this, please feel free to let me know.

Best regards,

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