Changing variables after Release

I’ve noticed that each release locks in the variables that were available when the release was created.

Scenario Timeline:

  • Create 5 variables
  • Create release 1.17
  • Create 2 variables
  • Release 1.17 does not have the 2 new variables.
  • Create a 1.17.1 release to pull in the new variables?

I’m forced to create a 1.17.1 release to pull in these new variables? It’s troubling to me that I would need to create a new release in order to pull in new configuration variables. IMO the code didn’t change so it’s not a new release.

If there was the ability to “Update variable information from project” my problem would be solved.


My current solution was to just insert the 2 records into existing release but that’s diiiiiiirty.

Hi Bill

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll add a “Update variable information from project” button to the release details page for the next Octopus release - that will take a fresh copy of variables, machines, etc.

The feature is now on the Trello page: