Changing the Tentacle Health Check Frequency

Has the facility to change the frequency of the Health Check of the Tentacle been implemented?

It is currently set at 1 hr. We can force it to check.

But when testers start their machine in the morning, they might need to wait up to 1 hr, before they can attempt an Deployment.

Any assistance is appreciated.

Hi Ram,

Thanks for getting in touch! Octopus isn’t really designed for deployment targets that are turned off. We also wouldn’t really consider the idea of changing the duration of health checks as we could see it being set to a very short duration for customers with lots of machines and causing deployment issues and taking server resources.
There is a way to kick off a health check on a machine or singular environment, and both of those could be done via API calls. So it could be scripted to run at a specific time in the morning or give the testers a ‘button to press’ that is linked to their machine health check when they turn on their machines. (You could create a very specific service account that has just enough privileges on that environment to run health checks).

Hopefully that gives you some ideas on the best way to handle this scenario.