I really like the Certificates feature where I can store my SSL certificates in Octopus and then deploy them as part of a project. However, it seems like there is something missing unless I’m mistaken. The following page has all the properties you can access as part of a deployment script however it doesn’t like you expose the password that you set when a pfx is uploaded:

Am I missing something or do we need to store the pfx password as another project variable?


Hi Colin,

I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the certificates feature.

You’re absolutely correct. There were a couple of important variables missing from that document.

I have added two new variables to the document:


The first is the missing password variable you were expecting. The second is a variable which holds the base64 encoded file as it was original uploaded. In contrast, the .Pfx variable is one we create (as not every certificate is uploaded as a PFX file) and has no password on it.

I hope that helps,

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the prompt attention - that is exactly what I was looking for.
Just one point though, in the document you have “The *base65 *encoded
original file, exactly as it was uploaded.”


Whoops. Thanks! I’ve corrected that now.