Certificate notifications for selected certs?

Hi we have several different teams, each using their own x509 certs. Is it possible to set up notifications for a team, for only their certificates, and not ALL the certs that Octopus holds?

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After mulling this over, I believe the best/long-term solution would be a feature we’re currently working on dubbed Spaces. Using Spaces it would be possible to dedicate a space to each associated team and set up subscriptions specific to each space. Unfortunately, however, we don’t have an ETA at this stage.

In the interim, If the certificates relating to different teams are scoped to non-overlapping environments and tenants then subscriptions will work to filter it down per team.

If Team A deploys only to Tenants X and Y and their certs are accordingly scoped, then their subscription just needs to be scoped appropriately. Provided others teams do not have CertificateView permissions on Tenants X and Y

As previously mentioned, however, I think utilizing Spaces when made available would be the best solution to this problem. Please keep up to date with the release notes of future releases to alert to the introduction of the spaces feature.

If you require any further assistance or clarification, please let me know :slight_smile:

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Hi Reece. Thanks for the quick response. Much appreciated.

Spaces sounds very interesting, and we are generally willing to wait for features as we have bought into the axis and vector of development of Octopus as much as the current features. And so far you guys have delivered.

We are not currently using Tenants so I am not really familiar with the features that comes with tenants. All teams are within the same organisation. Maybe we should look into that feature set.

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