Certificate Expiry?

We just had the following error when trying to use the Deploy Octopus Release step in Azure DevOps:

Attempting to contact https://g.octopushq.com to find Octopus CLI tool version latest
2021-02-17T00:01:36.5890199Z ##[error]Error: certificate has expired
2021-02-17T00:01:36.5901831Z ##[error]Error: Unable to locate and download the latest Octopus CLI tool. To use the embedded copy or another specific version, add the Octopus CLI installer task to the build pipeline before this task.

Browsing to g.octopushq.com does also say the cert has expired. Can it please be updated?

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Hi @dfjones1981

Thanks for getting in touch. Sorry that you ran into this issue with an expired certificate.

This is something we were aware of and was promptly resolved. The certificate has now been updated.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused!


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