Certificate and Private Key Access

We have some certificates that are being used by different deployments. On each deployment we added the import certificate step and we set Private Key Access for the application pool user. We notice that sometime when we deploy one site that the other site looses their access to this certificate. Any idea how this happens?

Hi Marcel,

I suspect this is due to a known issue we have where when importing a certificate it will overwrite any existing matching certificate, including the private-key permissions.

We are working on this at this moment, and should have a resolution ready in the next few days.

We apologize for any inconvenience.



Yesterday version 3.11.15 of Octopus was released, containing this change.

Now when importing a certificate, if the certificate already exists in the store the private-key permissions will be added to, rather than overriden.

Hopefully this resolves this issue for you. Of course, let me know if anything isn’t as expected.