Centos 6 and mono


Trying to get health check to work on a Centos 6 machine, have followed another post on this forum
Have also checked the command mono from the commandline at it is finding the command.

However I am getting the following, please advice.

Requesting upload...
Establishing SSH connection...
SSH connection established
Beginning streaming transfer of health-check.sh to $HOME\.octopus\OctopusServer\Work\20160623094611-8
Establishing SFTP connection...
SSFTP connection established
 Stream transfer complete
Required command 'mono' is not available.
Disposing SFTP connection...
Disposing SSH connection...
The remote script failed with exit code 127
The remote script failed with exit code 127
Octopus.Shared.Tasks.ActivityFailedException: The remote script failed with exit code 127
at Octopus.Worker.Scripting.ScriptResult.EnsureSuccessful() in Y:\work\refs\tags\3.3.8\source\Octopus.Worker\Scripting\ScriptResult.cs:line 71
at Octopus.Worker.Ssh.SshWorker.CheckHealth() in Y:\work\refs\tags\3.3.8\source\Octopus.Worker\Ssh\SshWorker.cs:line 65
at Octopus.Server.Orchestration.Health.MachineTaskController.PerformTask(Machine machine) in Y:\work\refs\tags\3.3.8\source\Octopus.Server\Orchestration\Health\MachineTaskController.cs:line 86
Octopus.Server version 3.3.8 (3.3.8+Branch.master.Sha.ce74fb45b4197c055b4a7cb8799ae9d048b1dce2)

ServerTasks-4482.log.txt (2 KB)

Hi Michael,

Thank you for getting in touch. The most likely cause of the error is that mono is not in the path.

The profile script that is run can vary from when you log in interactively. Either it is due to logging in as a different user, or using a different shell (other than bash), or the shell (bash) skips certain parts when it is not an interactive session.

Please see the Bash Startup Files section of the SSH Target documentation

Hope that helps!

Robert W