Cassandra Deployment in Octopus


I am deploying a windows service on multiple targets. Before the deployment I want Octopus to run a script to create a table in Cassandra database. I understand that I will either use a Cassandra driver (c#, java etc) or call the CQL cmd. Which way is better? Either way I will need to install the driver on the Octopus target. What is the best way to do it?

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Hi Adam,

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Its entirely up to you which approach you use to execute the Cassandra commands - whichever approach you feel comfortable. It makes no difference to Octopus. You can write your steps in C# directly, or use PowerShell to execute CQL.

As to installing the driver, you will just need to write some powershell that downloads and executes the installer.

As an alternative approach, you could follow the “migrations” model, and make the application upgrade the database on demand. I’ve got no experience with Cassandra, but a quick google finds multiple GitHub projects that handle migrations with Cassandra.

Hope that helps!