Capturing Deploy A Release step output

A few months ago I was trying to capture the package versions of some of my deploys from a “one-deploy-to-rule-them-all” project using the Deploy A Release step for each service of our backend system. The reason for this is to run the correct commit of our system testing against beta/production environments as the latest version of the code changes throughout the day.

At the time, I thought that because I had set each deploy to only deploy when there was a new release that it was failing to resolve #{Octopus.Action[Deploy Release Step Name].Output.Deployment[Child Step Name].Package.PackageVersion} & #{Octopus.Action[Deploy Release Step Name].Output.Deployment[Child Step Name].Package[Package Id].PackageVersion}. It dawned on me that I could just set those particular packages to Always deploy and try again :slight_smile:.

This did not fix the issue, so unless I’ve entered the wrong syntax I believe there is another condition that I am not meeting. I should mention that the child steps I am referencing are Kubernetes pod deployments and I am trying to feed the variables into a parameter for a custom step template (just in case either of those could be related). Is there something I am still doing incorrect/incomplete?