Can't upgrade tentacle with alternate AD account?

When I saw the 3.11.10 patch notes brought the ability to run a tentacle upgrade as an alternate account (issue 3197) my team got excited as we’ve run in to several issues regarding file permissions before, but as I’ve been tracking down how to actually do that I can only find places to provide credentials for SSH targets and Azure. I’m looking under our Machine Policies and Environment Accounts. Am I missing it or does that feature truly not extend to Active Directory?

Disregard. When I fully qualified the username in Username/Passwords with my organization’s address it accepted the validation and went through. Not sure why it was defaulting to validating the credentials with Azure for a Username/Password account, but I think it works now.

Hi Tyler,

That’s great to hear you’re up and running! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions or concerns. :slight_smile:

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