Can't see steps of production deployment

What permissions do I need to give to a group so that they can see all the steps of a deployment to production?

I gave my group ‘Project Viewer’ and they can see the deployment, but none of the steps (see screenshot). Makes it really hard to tell what step of the deployment we are currently waiting on. I don’t want this group to be able to start the deployment to production.



One thing to check would be to go into ‘Configuration’, ‘Teams’, and select ‘Roles’ in the upper right-hand corner.

This will show all Roles (both custom and built-in) for your server. Check out the ‘Project Viewer’ role. I am not sure what the defaults are (as I’ve changed them in my environment) but I do not think it has the ‘TaskView’ and ‘TaskViewLog’ capabilities, only the ‘DeploymentView’.

Check those two boxes, re-log, and see if that fixes it.


‘TaskView’ was already checked, but ‘TaskViewLog’ was not. When I checked it, then I could see the task summary and the task log. Looks like ‘taskviewLog’ might be controlling access to both of these.

Thanks for the help.


I think you’re probably correct, and that’s a defect that needs to be fixed. I’ll wait and see if one of the admins here creates a ticket, otherwise I’ll open one in github.


Thanks for your responses!

I see that you managed to sort this permissions issue, thanks for the assist ccamburn!
I have created an issue in GitHub about this, while it is behaving as intended, it could be better :slight_smile:

You can track the issue above.