Can't see SSH accounts that I've created


I want to deploy an app on an AWS instance. I create a SSH connection with an login/password account.
But when the account is create, I can’t see it. Neither on Accounts page or in the Deployment Target settings.

I’m the Octopus Administrator so I don’t think that I have a restricted access to that.

Can you help me ?

I can’t see the SSH Key Pairs that I also created.


Thanks for reaching out.

  • Which version of Octopus are you running?

  • If you go through the whole process of Environments-> Accounts -> [SSH Key Pairs] Add account , right after you click on [Save], you cannot see the account listed? If you cannot see it, can you see a Javascript error using the browser’s Developer Tools?

  • If you run SELECT * FROM Account in your Octopus database, can you see any of this missing SSH accounts listed there?



  • I’m in v3.3.3
  • Right after [Save], I can’t see the account listed (none of them) and I didn’t have Javascript errors.
  • I can see all the accounts in the database.



It seems you are being bitten by this bug which we fixed in 3.3.11:

Do you think you can upgrade to the latest version (3.3.15) and try again?


I have to planned the upgrade. I’ll let you know if it’s OK.


I update the server this morning and I can see the accounts now.

Thanks for your help.

Glad to hear that!