Can't run script task on Raspberry Pi

I can’t get a “run a script” task to run on a raspberry pi. For Dev I have a Mac and it runs fine there, but for prod, I am using a raspberry pi. My hunch is that either the script isn’t transferring to the pi or something isn’t wiring-up properly so it doesn’t know what it needs to run.

The short error message is:
Could not find script file:
The remote script failed with exit code 1

The reason behind my hunch is that I think there should be something after the colon in the error message like a file name that the system is looking to run. To troubleshoot the issue, I created a new step in the process to run a batch script. Here is the entirety of the test script that it will not run:

The “Installing the package” task seems to work fine without the “run script” tasks. I also tested using “Custom Deployment Scripts” and those work just fine also (I just put some echo bash commands in those and they worked without error), but I also want to be able to run a basic bash script outside of the “Custom Deployment Scripts” feature in a separate task.

I don’t have a tentacle log because it is a raspberry pi. The OctopusServer log doesn’t have any errors in it. Here is the output from Calamari on the pi:

Octopus Deploy: Calamari version 2018.4.6-v2018-4-0-0032
Environment Information:
OperatingSystem: Unix
OsBitVersion: x86
Is64BitProcess: False
Running on Mono: False
CurrentUser: octopus
MachineName: raspberrypi
ProcessorCount: 4
CurrentDirectory: /home/octopus/.octopus/OctopusServer/Calamari/linux-arm/2018.4.6-v2018-4-0-0032
TempDirectory: /tmp/
HostProcessName: Calamari

The version of Octopus that I am running is v2018.7.7.

Here is my raw server task log:

Task ID: ServerTasks-411
Task status: Failed
Task queued: Monday, September 3, 2018 4:40:28 PM
Task started: Monday, September 3, 2018 4:40:28 PM
Task completed: Monday, September 3, 2018 4:40:41 PM
Task duration: 13 seconds
Server version: 2018.7.7+Branch.master.Sha.196ebf6b37848e9afcd14e4e3cdec8f35bc794ba
Server node: HEY-XPS

                | == Failed: Deploy Article Site release 0.0.14 to PROD ==

16:40:28 Verbose | Guided failure is not enabled for this task
16:40:41 Fatal | The deployment failed because one or more steps failed. Please see the deployment log for details.
| == Failed: Step 1: Script test ==
16:40:41 Fatal | The step failed: Activity Script test on pi0 failed with error ‘The remote script failed with exit code 1’.
16:40:41 Verbose | Script test completed
| Failed: pi0
16:40:28 Verbose | Octopus Server version: 2018.7.7+Branch.master.Sha.196ebf6b37848e9afcd14e4e3cdec8f35bc794ba
16:40:28 Verbose | Environment Information:
| OperatingSystem: Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.17134.0
| OsBitVersion: x64
| Is64BitProcess: True
| CurrentUser: HEY-XPS\Octopus
| MachineName: HEY-XPS
| ProcessorCount: 8
| CurrentDirectory: C:\WINDOWS\system32
| TempDirectory: C:\Users\Octopus\AppData\Local\Temp
| HostProcessName: Octopus.Server
| PID: 11104
16:40:28 Verbose | Executing Script test (type Run a Script) on pi0
16:40:28 Verbose | Using Calamari.linux-arm 2018.4.6-v2018-4-0-0032
16:40:28 Verbose | Requesting upload…
16:40:28 Verbose | Establishing SSH connection…
16:40:29 Verbose | SSH connection established
16:40:29 Verbose | Beginning streaming transfer of to $HOME.octopus\OctopusServer\Work\20180903234028-411-96
16:40:29 Verbose | Establishing SFTP connection…
16:40:30 Verbose | SSFTP connection established
16:40:30 Verbose | Stream transfer complete
16:40:30 Verbose | Requesting upload…
16:40:31 Verbose | Beginning streaming transfer of Variables.secret to $HOME.octopus\OctopusServer\Work\20180903234028-411-96
16:40:31 Verbose | Stream transfer complete
16:40:35 Verbose | Octopus Deploy: Calamari version 2018.4.6-v2018-4-0-0032
16:40:35 Verbose | Environment Information:
16:40:35 Verbose | OperatingSystem: Unix
16:40:35 Verbose | OsBitVersion: x86
16:40:35 Verbose | Is64BitProcess: False
16:40:35 Verbose | Running on Mono: False
16:40:35 Verbose | CurrentUser: octopus
16:40:35 Verbose | MachineName: raspberrypi
16:40:35 Verbose | ProcessorCount: 4
16:40:35 Verbose | CurrentDirectory: /media/usb1/OctopusWork/20180903234028-411-96
16:40:35 Verbose | TempDirectory: /tmp/
16:40:35 Verbose | HostProcessName: Calamari
16:40:41 Error | Could not find script file:
16:40:41 Verbose | Disposing SFTP connection…
16:40:41 Verbose | Disposing SSH connection…
16:40:41 Verbose | Updating manifest with output variables
16:40:41 Verbose | Updating manifest with action evaluated variables
16:40:41 Fatal | The remote script failed with exit code 1
16:40:41 Fatal | The action Script test on pi0 failed
| Canceled: Acquire packages
16:40:41 Verbose | Step “Acquire Packages” runs only when all previous steps succeeded; skipping
| Canceled: Step 2: Install Package
16:40:41 Verbose | Step “Install Package” runs only when all previous steps succeeded; skipping
| Canceled: Step 3: Configure Service
16:40:41 Verbose | Step “Configure Service” runs only when all previous steps succeeded; skipping

If anyone can help me, that would be awesome. Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks for reaching out. It is strange that there isn’t a more detailed description in the error, or at least the name of the file it supposedly cannot find.
I did try this out on my end and got some errors using the same version of Calamari you are using 2018.4.6-v2018-4-0-0032
This version is quite old, so It might be worth trying it with the same version of calamari that is installed with your Octopus installation, this number can be obtained from the verbose log of another project. Look for the line Using Calamari.linux-x64 x.y.z, which will give you the Calamari version in use on your Octopus Server.

I managed to get an example working on my end using Calamari.linux-arm.4.7.7

Let me know if that makes any difference.

Kind Regards,
Tom W

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