Can't modify Scope of Project Variables in Octopus 3.4.0-beta0001

I’ve created a project variable and scoped it to a defined environment (development). I now want the project variable to apply to all defined environments so I attempt to remove the development environment from the scope but after removing it the UI will not show the “Save” button nor does the Scope column change (it still shows Development).

I have to create a new variable with the same name/value with no scope and then delete the existing variable to work around.

Hi Wes,
Thanks for logging this bug. I have been able to reproduce the issues and logged a GitHub Issue to track its progress. We will ensure we have a fix in place before the full RTW.
Thanks again for playing around with the 3.4-beta01 build and providing this report. We will have a beta02 build out in the next few days with all sorts of new features and bug fixes so stay tuned!