Can't log in w/Edge browser from Windows 10 Creators Update

When I try to log into Octopus, using either Windows auth or manually entered credentials, I am redirected back to the login page. Using manual credentials I actually get a more informative response from the server:

  "ErrorMessage": "Value cannot be null.\r\nParameter name: instance"

This has be a problem for a while, but I was chalking it up to it being a pre-release and that it might be a problem in the Edge browser itself, but now that the release date has been announced and it’s still happening I’m thinking it might really be a problem inside of Octopus itself or some kind of new security restriction put in place in this new version of Edge that Octopus will need to support.

Hi Drew,

Thanks for getting in touch. We’ve seen this issue occasionally on Edge and IE11 but haven’t been able to get a consistent reproduction, which means we haven’t been able to track down a root cause as yet.

If you are able to reproduce it consistently, could I get you look at the output in the Network tab on the Developer tools? The Http POST to the api/user/login endpoint (for forms auth example) should contain a request body with some json in it. The error is indicating that that content isn’t making it to the server, but we can’t yet explain why. I don’t need to see the content, but if you could just confirm whether it’s there or not that’d help us confirm whether the browser is choosing not to send it or if it’s getting lost somewhere else along the way.

We’ve had reports that Chrome and Firefox don’t exhibit this issue in environments where IE/Edge does, so you can use either of those to confirm what the POST should look like too.

A couple of other questions RE your environment,
is the server using SSL?
is the servers’ address in the Trusted Intranet sites?

Look forward to hearing back.