Can't get Octopus Deploy Tentacle Agent extension (Azure) to connect with server (on-premise)


I’ve added the Octopus Deploy Tentacle Agent extension to one of our Azure VM’s (running Windows 2012 R2) and it seems to have installed correctly. However, I can’t get it to connect with our Octopus Deploy server. See attached server and tentacle logs.

Our server version is Is the current Azure extension compatible with our server version?

20150915_Octopus_Deploy_server_error.txt (1 KB)

20150915_Octopus_Deploy_tentacle_error.txt (1 KB)

Hi Marco,

Thanks for reaching out. Could you please clarify which version is your Octopus server and which version is your Tentacle? You need to install a Tentacle that matches your Server version (in this case 2.6.4 if I understood correctly).

If both Server and Tentacle are running the same version, then please check this doc which has a couple of hints to troubleshoot connectivity for Listening tentacles:

One thing that users using Azure VMs usually miss is that they have to open an endpoint for the port that the Tentacle uses in the Azure portal. Here’s a guide on how to do this:

Best regards


Hi Dalmiro,

The Octopus Deploy Tentacle Agent extension on the Azure Preview Portal doesn’t show a Tentacle version anywhere, but the Octopus DLL version on the VM is 3.0.x. So, the problem is probably a version mismatch between our Octopus Deploy server (2.6.4) and the current Azure extension (3.0.x).

I guess my next best option is to manually install Tentacle Agent 2.6.x on the VM, am I correct?



Hi Marco,

Correct, the problem is the mismatching version. In 2.6 you need to match the Server with the exact same Tentacle version (2.6.4 with 2.6.4; 2.6.5 with 2.6.5). In 3.0 you can have any version of the Server running with any version of the Tentacle as long as they are both 3.0 (latest of both is always recommendable). In this case if you want to stick with your 2.6.4 server, you’re gonna need to manually install the 2.6.4 Tentacle.

Is there a specific reason why you are using 2.6.4 and not the latest (perhaps your license doesn’t cover it, or you were already using 2.6.4 and you just didn’t upgrade)? If by any chance you are just starting with Octopus, we definitely recommend you to start using the latest 3.0 instead.