Can't delete release

I managed to create a release named as follows.


Now, the UI won’t let me delete it. What’s the safe way to do it from SQL Server?


Hi Michael.

First, a couple of questions:

  • How did you create the release?
  • What happens when you try and delete it via the UI?

We don’t recommend deleting directly from SQL Server. Usually, I would say use Octo.exe, but I suppose supplying Min and Max version may be an issue with your version number?

Alternatively, you could try using the API.


The release was created by Octopus using automatic release creation. Octopus apparently does not verify the validity of the release number and/or the entered variable names.

Nothing happens when trying to delete it from the UI, because the URL is incorrectly formed.

I’ll try renaming the version number in SQL server. Then I should be able to delete it via the UI, right?

That is a good idea. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

Let me know how it goes?


All set. It was automatically deleted by the process that cleans up old releases.