Can't delete nuget packages, "The resources was not found on this server"

We saw this error when trying to delete Nuget packages from Octopus internal Nuget repository. All packages show correctly, but when I click on Delete button, it shows “The resources was not found on this server” error. The server version is 3.4.0



Thanks for reaching out! Generally this error shows if the package has been deleted from the file system and Octopus isn’t aware. We don’t watch the package folder, and can only know about changes when files are pushed, or uploaded via the UI or deleted via the API or UI.

A few things you could check are whether the file you are trying to delete is in the folder or not. If it’s there, what permissions does it have? If it’s not there, a restart of the service is required to re-index the package repository.

Feel free to show me a screenshot of what the permissions for that file and folder are if you’d like, and I’ll be happy to look at it.

Let me know how you go!


Hi, we’ve the same problem. Service was restarted and updated to version 3.4.12 but the problem persists. Package exists in file system.

Any suggestion on how to proceed?

Ok, we’ve deleted the package from C:\Octopus\Packages and restarted the service, it seems problem is gone now.

It would be great if this gets implemented