Can't create Child Steps for a script step which runs on the Octopus Server

Hello Octopus Deploy team,
we are using v3.3.17

I notice that when I have a step which runs a script (on the Octopus Server)
I can’t add child steps to it - i have to create a separate step for each script rather than having one step with a few child steps that will run sequentially on the server.
If I change the target I can use child steps.

Is this a defect, or is this by design?
If this is by design, may I ask why?


Hi Nir,

Thanks for getting in touch! This is by design. When a parent step is created and children added to it, it is all in context of a single role. If you want to run script steps on the Octopus Server without a role, it cannot be a parent step as it does not have a context, unless it has a role defined, then it can be the parent step. It is to do with scoping and context and must always have a role to work within. You could create a role called ‘octopusserver’ and use that for all of these steps.

Hope that helps!

Hi Vanessa,
It does help!
Thank you for the explanation. This makes sense.