Can't access Release Notes from nuspec

We are using a nupkg created with Octo.exe, and using the Release Notes within it to pass some key information (the git revision) that we want to use later in our Octopus deployment process.

The Release Notes is being correctly picked up by Octopus, as seen in the attached screenshot. However, we need to access this value in one of our deployment steps, and assumed we could via the #{Octopus.Release.Notes} variable. Is this not the case? It seems to always return an empty value.

How can I access this value? I’m ultimately using it in a Powershell script if that helps.



Thanks for reaching out! There are 2 different sources of “Release Notes” here:

  • The release notes from the NuGet package that come from the Nuspec file.
  • The release notes that come from the Octopus Release.

The one you see on your screenshot comes from the NuGet package, and currently it cannot be retrieved from an Octopus variable (at least not in an easy way).

Hope that helps!

The release notes that the variable #{Octopus.Release.Notes} holds are the Octopus Release release notes. These are the ones you set from the GUI when you select the package and release version (see attached screenshot for reference).

Am i correct to asume that you are creating the release as well as the package using Octo.exe? If that is the case, when you run the Octo.exe Create-Release command, you can use the parameters --releasenotes or --releasenotesfile to pass release notes to your Octopus Release, which will then be available from the variable #{Octopus.Release.Notes}

OK. When you say “at least not in an easy way”… what’s the hard way?

Don’t worry, I’ve sorted this out by creating the release with Octo.exe as
you suggested.


The hard way was to track down the NuGet package inside the Tentacle box and then get the Release Notes metadata from it using .Net

Glad you took the easy route :slight_smile: