Cannot start this task yet. There is already another task running that cannot be run in conjunction with any other task. Please wait

recieved this message whilst an Azure PS Step deployment was running. i think something in the background running in another deployment might have blocked it. resolved almost instantly, so no biggie, but it leads me to wonder how many parallel deployments to azure we are going to be able to run in a DR situation. it will help us scope the size of our Octopus server.

is there a limit to how many SPs can login to azure and deploy at any one time from the same Octopus server?

I’ve got this error to. We have four projects, deployment is triggering from teamcity simultaneously for all 4, but they are scheduled to start one by one with one minute delay. It’s used to work ok for a months before today. Now only one task(deploy to Azure Cloud Services or Azure powershell script) can be run on the same time. At the same time task with db deployment(it’s usual ps script) are working fine in parallel without any problems. I would appreciate any help or advice how solve this issue.

It was connected to version 3.11.10, I switched back to 3.11.8 and now I can deploy simultaneously as before.


Thanks for letting us know. There should be no limit to the number of Azure steps you can run in parallel, this was a bug introduced in 3.11.10.

This has been fixed in 3.11.11: