Cannot see latest LTS version anymore


We have usually only used the LTS version for our production environment. The last one was 2019.12.0.
I was trying to download the latest LTS available version of Octopus Server, but I cannot find any such reference anymore.
The downloads page doesn’t contain any LTS tagged version, while all the download links from the LTS page are now pointing at 2019.13.7, which isn’t showing the LTS (as it used to), after installation.

Has anything changed in the meantime? Have I missed any instruction?

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Hi @madux,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Starting with our first release this year we are amending our release strategy slightly. The main part of this being us moving away from the fast lane and slow lane concepts.

Going forwards, we will ship six new releases of Octopus Deploy Server annually. Each release will receive six months support, including critical patches.

The releases will be rolled out to Octopus Cloud instances before being made available to download for self-hosted instances of the Octopus Server.

Due to the fact that all versions will be thoroughly user tested in the Cloud environment before being available for download, our guidance for on-premise customers will be to always download the latest available version.

We will be amending our website and documentation to reflect this release strategy change in the coming weeks and I would expect an accompanying blog post with more details too.

I hope this clarifies things, please let me know if you have any further questions.

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