Cannot search or add active directory group for Teams

2019.5.7 (Self hosted data center account)

I have created a new team and I am unable to add an active directory group as nothing comes up in search. This is the same for teams that have existed as well.

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for getting in touch, sorry to hear that you are having issues.

Are you able to provide some more context with your issue so we can investigate? The first question that came to mind is if you are running an environment with multiple domains?

It would also be useful if you can run through our Active Directory troubleshooting page as that should greatly help to narrow down the possible problems.

Please let me know how you go, thanks Jennifer.


Here are the steps i am doing:

  1. I added a new team under configuration
  2. Then under Members for that new team, i selected to add active directory group
  3. i searched for an AD group that exists as a member of other projects and it doesn’t find any.

I even attempted to use a establish team and search for a AD group that was a member and nothing was found.

I looked through the documentation and these do not seem to be related. I did see this indicated there was a way to turn on logging, but it was unclear on how to turn it on.

I wanted to see if this was helpful? i have reached out to our internal security team on the matter to see if an option on turning on the logging.

I am still unable to search for an user and no we do not have multiple domains

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for you patience on this one. We’ve done some investigation and found a bug in our search logic which could be the cause of the problems you are seeing.

We’ve updated our search logic and it will be included in Octopus 2019.5.9 which will probably go out within the next 48 hours or so. Are you able to upgrade to this version and let me know if you still have problems searching for AD groups?

Thanks Jennifer, I look forward to hearing from you.


We are on version 2019.5.12 now and still not able to search for any AD groups.

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for letting me know.

We have some powershell scripts located here that mimic the internal logic that we are using. Are you able to execute the second script in that section (group searching) as the same user that your Octopus Service is running as and report back any results/errors that you are seeing?

Thanks Jennifer,


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