Cannot run a deploy even after a successful TFS build

We are working on a TFS migration using Visual studio 2015 and using Octopus to deploy it to different environments.
I ran the new build in TFS and it was successful but no release was shown under the octopus.
It can deploy this build. Any possible error/mistake for this scenario


Thanks for reaching out! We’re gonna need a bunch of info to help you troubleshooting this:

  • Which version of TFS are you running?
  • Which version of Octopus?
  • How are you attempting to trigger the release in Octopus during/after the build? Any screenshots of this config would be optimal.
  • Could you send us one of your TFS build logs?


TFS version : 14.0.24712.0
Octopus version : 3.11.11
I’m trying to queue a new build in TFS. Builds is successful in TFS but no release is created in the Octopus.
I’m sorry i won’t be able to share the screenshot but under the diagnostic, it ends up on INVOKE DEPLOY SCRIPT. its not able to push the package into the library


So the problem is that you are not able to push the package to the library? How are you trying to push this package?

I’m afraid that without screenshots or a build log, there’s no way I can give you proper help to solve this issue. If you are worried about privacy, you can set this conversation as “private” in the right side panel, which will make this ticket only visible to you and our staff.


Thanks for your time. The issue was with the TFS Nugets. Added the whole code from start. issue was resolved