Cannot delete release

I have a release that was somehow named 1.1.6. 63 with a space between 6. and 63

When I go to delete it or do anything I get “The resource 'release 1.1.6.+63 for project ’ was not found.”

how do I delete this bad release?

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for getting in touch! That’s very strange behavior, as since it’s not valid SemVer, it should be validated and remove the space. Are you able to edit the release version, and then delete it? You can edit the release by clicking the overflow menu in the specific release’s page as shown below.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, could you provide some additional details to help me replicate it? Which version of Octopus are you running? How did you create this release?

I look forward to hearing back!

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I actually cannot get to that screen, when I click on the release to get the screen you provided I get this

I’m ok just deleting it but I cannot do that

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Hi Matthew,

Thanks for following up. Are you able to get to the release’s page via the oldportal? You can check by substituting app in the URL to oldportal, i.e. OctoURL/oldportal#/projects/MyProjectName/releases/ReleaseNumber.
Alternatively, can you delete this release via Octo.exe delete-releases command, specifying the project and release version?

I hope this helps get you going! Let me know how you go.

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