Cannot create Script-Step via server version 3.3.9

using 3.3.9, I cannot create a new Script-Step (I need to do this asap, because I cannot clone a project, which is another new bug). Upon attempting to create a Script-Step and “save”, a warning displays stating: “Providing a nuget feed is not valid for inline scripts.”.

Details: Script Source = Source Code

When attempting to overcome/workaround this bug via changing the “Script Source = Script file inside a package”, I cannot save the Step, because the following error appears: Providing a script syntax is not valid for scripts from a package.

No matter what I do, I cannot create a “Run a script” step type, using Octopus 3.3.9. I updated from 3.3.2 to 3.3.9 because of Cloning bugs (a different, but big problem, also).

What to do???

Any help with this would be appreciated - we have been stuck for 3 days, and cannot create new deployment projects or clone from existing deployment projects.

Hi Sean,

Sorry for the problems caused by this Issue. A fix for it has already been pushed and will be available in the next version which will most likely be released today.

Github issue to follow:

Once again, sorry for the inconveniences.