Cannot Add More Than 5 Targets

Hi, we tried using the free Octopus Deploy but we cannot add more than 5 targets but in the pricing says 10 targets. Am I misunderstood or something?

Hi @mnhafiz23,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Are there any deployment targets in other Spaces perhaps?
Also, if you go to Configuration > LIcense what does the deployment target count state there?


Nope. We have only one space.


So I have checked the license. It says 5 targets. How do I get the other 5?

I found that we are using version 2021.1.7595 Community Edition. Is it because of that?

That may be the cause.
If you head to and create an account you should be able to generate a free server license and then apply that to your instance.

Thank you. It works

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