Cancelling deploy from PS script


Is there a way to cancel deploy from running PS script?


Hi Alexander,

Thank you for reaching out! Yeah that’s definitely possible! We have a script available written by one of our team members, so you’re more than welcome to use it.

I hope that helps!


Sorry, maybe I was not clear. I would like to cancel deploy task from inside. Like I am running deploy.ps1 and by calling some kind of function I would like to cancel it.


Hi Alexander,

There’s no built-in function at the moment, but its not such a bad idea. I’ve created a Uservoice suggestion for it. Please try to drop by and drop some votes to it if you’d like to see it implemented in future versions.

For the time being the above script is the only way. You could definitely use it on a deployment, or even create a script module that uses it and simply invokes it calling ‘stop-OctopusDeployment’. More info on how to create script modules.

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