Cancel long running test

We have a deployment with a final step that executes msTest and runs for around 2 hours.
We can see after just a couple of minutes that the tests are going bad and we want to stop the tests and end the deployment.
The octopus server shows that it is executing this “Run tests” step and we press stop.
But nothing stops. Does the tentacle receive a cancel notification?
Is there a way to detect, on the tentacle, that the cancel has been requested.
If we can detect the cancel request on the tentacle we can check for this as we loop through the tests and abort as nessesary.


Thanks for getting in touch! When you hit cancel the first time Octopus tries to gracefully close all the processes. If you hit it a second time, it will then cancel anyway even if it thinks there are communications still open. It isn’t dangerous or bad if you hit cancel a second time. Can you give this a try and see if it works how you would expect?

Hope that helps!