Can we use Octopus System Variables without using Octopus Inbuilt repo packages

I am trying to use octopus system variables(Octopus.Release.Number). can i use this system variable or any other system variables in process without using octopus inbuilt repo package?
In my case i am downloading package from is there any way we can use system variables without using octopus packages?

Hi @sonuvojjala

Thanks for getting in touch! You can use most of(*) Octopus’ variables in most of the steps. Octopus.Release.Number will certainly be available in any kind of step you use.

The easiest way to know which variables are available in each step is to enable the debugging variables, run a test deployment and then look at the raw log to see which value each variable had at each step.

(*) one edge case is a variable such as "Octopus.Package.Version" which will not be available if you are downloading a package from a source that's not registered as a package feed in Octopus, such as the S3 bucket you are using.

Hope that helps

Thank you @Dalmiro

But i was confused what you said can you explain it more briefly please?
In my case the naming convention is like this(LN-201909161159_24713_24713_34_rel732), so it possible to use system variables and call the latest version from s3 ? Every time we get new package the center part"24713" is going to change.
So is it possible now ?

Hi @sonuvojjala,

This will depend on what are you using to download the package from S3. How are you doing that? Using one of our steps? A Powershell script?

Hi @Dalmiro,

yes using Powershell Script to download the zip filer to target ec2 instance.

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