Can we use Azure Blob as Package Feed

Hi Team,

We are using Octopus Server(built-in) as package feed to get the packages for deployment.

Our Octopus server is in on-premises network and our applications are deployed on Azure VMs.

some times deployments are failing due to network issue between on-premises and Azure, so we want to push our package(.zip) from bamboo to Azure blob and from there we want to create the octopus release by substituting the variables and deploy to Azure VMs, please let me know if it is possible or is there any other way to meet this requirement.


Hi @satishy,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Unfortunately while you can connect an Azure BLOB via SMB to your Octopus Server, BLOB storage doesn’t allow for folder structures so can’t be used as a NuGet feed for Octopus.

As an alternative you should be able to use Azure Files, either as a HTTPS share or as an SMB share which can then be added to Octopus as a NuGet feed.

Another alternative which may be viable would be to run your Octopus instance on a VM in Azure, however I’m not sure of your security policies around making this a viable option.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist with,