Can we start using pre-released version 3.4 and be able to upgrade it to released version later?

We have rather complex way of getting to our production machines, but it seems that strategically placed HTTP Proxy would allow us to still use Octopus. While reading the docs I figured HTTP Proxy for tentacle is only supported starting with the version 3.4 and that version only exists in a pre-release form. Usually I don’t hesitate installing pre-release software, but in this case I got rather unusual warning saying that if I continue with 3.4 Pre - I would not be able to upgrade it to 3.4 Release (when it is available) and would have to reinstall from scratch.

I definitely don’t want to go through setting everything up twice. Please advise what my options are. Shall we postpone Octopus until 3.4 is out or we can start using 3.4 Pre and somehow be able to upgrade it later?

Thank you!

Hi Konstantin,

Thanks for reaching out. We’ll only support upgrade to RTM from the 3.4 Beta releases.

Before Beta we released 2-3 Alpha versions, but we do not support upgrade from those.

Hope that helps,

Do I understand right that 3.4 bits currently available for download are designated as Beta?

The latest 3.4 available right now would count as a beta, yeah. You can get it from here:

If you don’t know if you are currently running a Beta or an Alpha, you can just click on the question mark Icon at the top right corner on the web portal.