Can Rolling Deployment windows size be a variable? or an expression?

We have a webfarm with three nodes. It used to be two until recently. Now that it’s three, our developer is concerned that, during deployment, two nodes running different versions might both be up at the same time.

A further complication is that we have farms in several datacenters and only one of the farms has three nodes - the others have two.

If I can make the window size a variable, then I could set the window size to “2” for the triple farm and “1” for the others.

If I can make it an expression, I could put in a variable called “farmsize” and use the expression #{farmsize}-1

Any chance of this?


Thanks for the reply. You can’t do expresssions, but window size in deployment steps is already a variable. We currently have an open issue ( that the selection drop down is not working, however I just tested manually typing in a variable binding such as #{windowsize} and it worked correctly in our current release.

Can you give this a try? If it doesn’t work for you can you let me know which version of Octopus you are currently running.

I hope that helps.


It works very well. Thank you!