Can Octopus be freed up to run other deployments while a powershell step is running?

I have an Azure Cloud Service deployment. As part of the deployment I wait for the cloud service’s staging-slot VMs to become online before VIP swapping and destroying the old VMs.

That wait is 15 minutes long (that’s just how long Azure takes to spin up the service), but I can’t finalise the deployment until they are up… so Octopus is consumed for that 15 minute wait and won’t do anything with any other Azure Cloud Service targets. Sometimes another pending job will expire if two of these jobs get queued up (I think there’s a 25min timeout somewhere).

Is there anything that I can do to “free up” Octopus during my “waiting” steps, so it may go and do something else while my status-polling powershell script step is running?

Thanks for reaching out. You can configure steps to run in parallel if you want the Tentacle to do multiple things at a time

Hope that helps