Can Ocotopus Deploy chnage settings that aren't appConfig or connectionString on web.config files

We are starting to use octopus deploy and so far it looks pretty sweet. For one application we have 6 different config transforms, the vast majority of which are now obsolete thanks to Octopus Deploy, which is awesome.

The last piece that we’d like remove (and therefore drop back to a single global transform file) is to set the log level on an appender and to set two other arbitrary other sections. Is this possible with Octopus Deploy, or can I only swap out appSettings and connectionStrings?

The two transforms I’d like to remove are:


Hi Rob,

Out of the box Octopus will only update those settings. I can’t see the XML that you posted (the forum system removed it) but you could use PowerShell to open the file, perform the XPath replace, and then save the file.



That makes sense. Thanks.