Can not register Octopus Cloud

Always response " Sorry we are experiencing issues provisioning cloud instances at the moment. Please try again later. "

Why is that

Hi @sky90456,

Thank you for contacting Octopus Support.

While we investigate recent troublesome behaviour, new sign-ups for free cloud instances are now restricted to email addresses registered to a private domain. Unfortunately, this means free email services such as Gmail and Yahoo are currently excluded.

If you have any additional questions, please let me know.


thx for replay , so it will just temporary or permanent for free email?

We’re hoping it will be temporary but can’t commit to a definite answer at this time.

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I see ! Thank you so much for answer

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Do you have any updates on this issue?
I’ve tried with a personal account that has a custom domain as well as my company e-mail and receive the same issue on both.
I’m hoping to set up a cloud instance to test functionality of the product.


Hi Sean,

We’ve put a temporary block on the creation of new cloud instances at the moment. This should hopefully be resolved within the next day or so.


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