Can not edit or delete Environment Accounts

Octopus 3.4.0

When I go to Environment -> Accounts if I click on the name of any of my accounts all I get is a semi-yellow square box with an “x” to close the box. If I close the box but nothing happens. I assume this where I would delete/edit Account information but can not. See attachment.

I am able to go to the “Accounts” table in the database and edit it and delete using SQL but this is not the ideal solution.

I thought it might be due to lack of a permission but I could not find one.

Any ideas of how to fix? Is this a bug?


Hi Joseph,

Thanks for getting in touch! This was a bug in Octopus 3.4.0 that was fixed in 3.4.1. Upgrading will fix it. If you would like to stay on 3.4 I’d recommend our last 3.4 release 3.4.15, however our latest releases contain some great new features.

Hope that helps!



I have upgraded to version 3.7,3 and now I can go to Environment->Accounts and when I click on the name of one of my accounts I can edit the Account information. At the bottom of the screen I have a “Save and test” and a “Save” button. I still do not see the capability to “Delete” an Account. We are half way there. :slight_smile:

I made sure that the Account I was trying to delete was not used or associated with a step template in one of the Processs in my deployment.

Once again, I obviously can go to the database and use SQL to delete an Account.

I am still missing how to delete an Account through the Octopus Deploy interface?


Hi Joseph,

Mark is in Australia, and since you and I seem to be in a closer I thought I’d jump in for the sake of you getting a faster reply :slight_smile:

Is it possible that you might be missing the AccountDelete role in your permissions list? (see attached screenshot)

This doc shows how to check and edit your roles:



Thanks for jumping in here. I think you forgot to attach your screen shot, I don’t see it.

A role that I am in does have the “AccountDelete” Permission. See my attachment.

Hi Joseph,

It looks like your AccountDelete permission is limited to some Environments. At the moment we don’t let you delete Accounts unless that permission is valid for all environments, even if the Account itself is restricted to certain Environments.

I hope that helps.

Hi Joseph,

I’ve created an issue in our tracker for this here: it should be fixed shortly.