Can not delete Channel - says "There are releases" for that channel

I supposed that it’s possible to delete channels after while.
For example We used channels to create&deploy new Web services and put them into channel in addition to other ones that applicable for all other versions.

So when we merged that to production - this step of deployment becomes “default” for all envs.
And I do want to delete channel in order not to overload Channel’s list - I’m OK with deleting corresponding releases if necessary for that.

I’m on Octopus 3.3.11

Hi Alex,

Thanks for reaching out. Yes you do need to delete the releases of a channel to be able to delete it. You can do so from the Web UI or using Octo.exe delete-release along with the channel parameter to delete all the releases of a specific channel.

Hope that helps!


Ok, thanks!

It’ll be convenient to have ability delete all the releases through UI as well.

I’ll stick with octo.exe option for now.

We have tons of releases for channels - as we developing - we build many of them - it’s just plenty of time to delete all of them one-by-one through UI.

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It would also be useful to be able to “merge” channels in the same way that we “merge” code branches so that the custom deployment steps introduced to support new code in one branch could “follow” that code as it migrates towards production and integrates with the standard/default releases.

Having to delete old releases seems awkward…

I’m able to Remove Channels via UI without any issues in latest octopus 3.4.12