Can JIRA be connected to multiple octopus instance

Hi, We have got multiple Octopus instances(1 for each project) and 1 JIRA instance with multiple projects.I would like to understand if JIRA Octopus Deploy integration supports 1:n relationship.If so how that can be achieved.

Hi @sharda.mahendra

Thank you for your question!

Currently, a JIRA instance can only be configured with one Octopus instance, and not multiple instances.

We’ve recently had some discussion about this internally and are considering changing this to allow for a JIRA instance to be configured at the Space level, but I can’t give you any guarantee if this will actually happen and any timeframe for it.

Right now, It’s possible that you could achieve what you want by consolidating your projects into one Octopus instance. It’s not that common for us to see an Octopus instance per “project”. A possible alternative would be to include another Octopus project in the same instance, or if you have a particular need for complete segregation from another teams projects for example, then Spaces within an Octopus instance could achieve this.

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Thanks Mark.