Can I update variables used by an Octopus Deploy release?

I have a release that has been deployed to Development. We’ve discovered that one of the variable values is wrong. Can we update the release or do we have to create a new one?

When deploying a release to an environment, you might have run into this warning message or one similar to it.

This warning means that either the deployment process or, in this case, the variables have changed since this release was created.

You can click the ‘audit trail’ link to see the changes between this release and the latest version.

You can also click the ‘release page’ link to be taken to the details for that release.

Once you’re on the details page, you can navigate down to the Variable Snapshot section. There you’ll see two options. One is Show Snapshot which will show you the variables and values used by the release.

The Update Variables button gives you the option to update the snapshot used by the release.

If you click the Update Variables button, you’ll be presented with a confirmation dialog and information.


If you are confident in this change, you can confirm the dialog and the release will be updated to use the current set of variables and values.

Note: this will update all variables. There’s not a way to update individual variables at this time.