Can I render Markdown release notes into HTML when creating email notifications?

I’m using the email notifications feature described at to email our product team each time we deploy a new release.

I’m also using a Powershell script to generate automated release notes, which are in Markdown - and they look absolutely lovely in the Octopus Deploy UI, but when they’re added to the notification email the Markdown isn’t being rendered to HTML so we’re getting raw inline Markdown. Which doesn’t look quite so lovely.

Is there a way to force Markdown>HTML rendering when populating the email template?



Hi Dylan,

Thanks for reaching out! Lets say you have your release notes on the variable#{ Octopus.Release.Notes}, if on the email body you put #{ Octopus.Release.Notes | Markdown}, it’ll convert the markdown content of your notes to HTML.

If you are going to be using markdown tables, do know that you’ll have to upgrade to the latest Octopus to get this recent fix:


That worked beautifully - thank you. I also just found the docs about filters in variable substitution at - also really useful to know.

Thank you!